Hell Yeah To Guitarworks!


My oldest son Nixon said to his mom and I that he “wanted to learn guitar and grow up and play in a band”.

What a moment.

So we drove out to Guitarworks at Cross Iron Mills to find him his first guitar. He picked out this black Acoustic Guitar and we were ready to leave. While Tom and Tim of Guitarworks were helping us out, Max, my youngest who is 4 said he would also like to play guitar to.

I told Max when he was a bit older we could look into it for him. With my luck he would get a new guitar and go full Honky Tonk Man!

Tom and Tim asked me if they could do something for Max. I wasn’t sure what, and then they brought Max to the back and showed him a brand new Ukulele that had arrived with a broken string. They showed it to Max and he loved it.They asked me if they could fix it up for him and give it to him as a gift. I told them they didn’t have to do that and they insisted.

I walked out of Guitarworks with two kids who were over the moon to learn their new instruments.

One day, if the whole “band” thing works out…they’ll be telling the story of Tom and Tim and how they sparked their love for music.

What a cool gesture that the boys won’t ever forget.

Now to buy ear plugs until they learn how to play.