It's official: Boba Fett Lives?!

One of the most asked questions by fans of the Cinematic Star Wars Universe, is that if the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett survived falling into the sarlac pit at the beginning of Return of The Jedi.

I too are one of those fans and always wanted to know if George Lucas would bring the anti-hero back with a definitive on-screen answer.

Fast forward over 35 years later and earlier this afternoon we finally have it!

With the success of the The Mandalorian on Disney+ it was already speculated during Season 1 that Boba Fett was back but never confirmed.

Well thanks to Jon Favreau it's possible that Bob Fett will appear in The Mandalorian Season 2 which debuts in October. 

To top it off, rumour also has Fett in Season 3 as well.

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With The Mandalorian taking place 5 years after Return Of The Jedi we can expect him to be back, and not just a flash-back!