It's Time To Be A Ninja!


Did you know there are Ninja's all around us here in Calgary? 

The "underground" Ninja phenomenon happening here is all because of some Ninja Facebook groups and its pretty cool. I could best describe it as a cross between Jesse and JD's Hell yeahs for heroes and pay if forward.

How does this work? Okay so my wife, who works from home and is having a lot of fun with this explaned it to me:

 It all starts on line as they are private Facebook groups; you join the group, find your neighbourhood and post your address. (yes this scares some people but remember the white pages that showed eveyones address? okay moving on)

Then you wait,..... wait for what? well you're wating to be Ninja'd!

Being Ninja'd means someone (a Ninja) dropped off a gift basket of some sort. You don't know who this Ninja is as they swoop up and drop off your gifts on your doorstep. Now depending on the group you joined it can be anything from coffee, wine, wine glasses, chocolate, art, plants, WHISKEY, and apparently and to my liking 420 friendly ones too. Once you get Ninja'd you take your address off the page and now it's your turn to be a Ninja! (Apperently, once that round is over you can re add your address.)  

As a Ninja, you get a gift bag together and pay it forward. Now some people will get skip the dishes to drop off their gift like if its a coffee package from Timmy's or starbucks. Others do it themselves and dress up as Ninja's or in old Halloween costumes. 

So, there ya a Ninja...and remember our Ninja's Jesse & JD who drop off gifts and a hell yeah front yard signs for heroes here in Calgary. You could always let them Ninja for you and you can nominate someone here.


Chris Foord