K.O.D Is Coming To Calgary (seriously! ... next week)


Yes 2020 has been a messed up motha #$%ka year but hey there has still been some good... Like King Of Donair finally opening up here in Calgary. Oh man they've teased us before. 


Saturday, November 28th K.O.D or King Of Donair will open up at 503 17th Ave SW and tell your friends, in particular your east coast friends....they'll turn into tigger - believe me...then they'll go on for another 8 hours of drinking story's with K.O.D involved...usally involves the authentic donair sauce.

curiosity group inc.

To get the full effect of a proper KOD outing perhaps chug a case of keith's first... a damn good beer! See here for more on K.O.D.

Not sure what the line ups will be like for the opening but if its anything like the new 'In and Out Burger' in Aurora, Colorado... a 14 hour wait ...for a burger!!!! . More on that story below.


Chris Foord