Let's Help Schnee Find Her Forever Home!


How can I describe this sweet angel in the best way....

Absolute. Heart. Melter.


Schnee is one of the sweetest dogs I've seen at AARCS and it blows my mind that she's still in search of her forever home. I'm on a mission to get her out of the shelter (she's currently at AARCS as she was having a tough time at her foster home and had to be returned) so let's get the word out about her!



 - Sweet baby angel

 - Friendly to people, men and women

 - Loves belly rubs and snuggles

 - SMART! Well-mannered and walks well on leash. Knows some basic commands. Listens well (especially if you have treats)

 - Enthusiastic about new, fun adventures!


Not so pro:

 - Doesn't like kids, needs to go to a kid-free house

 - Can be dog reactive without a proper, slow introduction

 - Needs gentle, slow introductions with new people.



You can read more about sweet Schnee and find her adoptuion application by clicking HERE!