LISTEN: John Bonham's Isolated Drums On Stairway To Heaven


September 25th, 1980 the World lost the Worlds greatest drummer, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.

Only 32 years old, Bonham was a heavy drinker and apparently had 40 shots of Vodka in 4 hours and died from choking on his own puke at Jimmy Page's place.

Sadly missed, Bonham has left behind a legacy and was known for half hour drum solos (Moby Dick) at shows and added incredible technique to Led Zeppelin Songs. Take Stairway To Heaven for example, sure we don't hear much for the first few minutes but when the drums kick in, they are amazing!



So Good!

Join CJAY 92 all day today (September 25th) as we remember John Bonham.

RiP John. 


Chris Foord