Listen: Mammoth WVH - You're To Blame (released today!)

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Mammoth WVH have released their 2nd single from their forthcoming album!

You're To Blame released today happens to be the same day that the world will get a first look at this band as they'll be on Jimmy Kimmel this evening. (Feb 11th/21)

Mammoth WVH is lead by Wolfgang Van Halen, the son of the late/great Eddie Van Halen. 

The New album will be out June 11th and the track listing is below.

Also CJAY 92's own Graeme Reaper had chat with Wolfgang this past week which you can listen to here. 

*Quick fun fact: Mammoth was the name of a band his Dad was in before Van Halen. 


Chris Foord 

'Mammoth WVH' Track Listing
1. "Mr. Ed"
2. "Horribly Right"
3. "Epiphany"
4. "Don't Back Down"
5. "Resolve"
6. "You'll Be the One"
7. "Mammoth"
8. "Circles"
9. "The Big Picture"
10. "Think It Over"
11. "You're to Blame"
12. "Feel"
13. "Stone"
14. "Distance" (Bonus Track)