Listen: New Offspring! Let The Bad Times Roll

offpsringScreenshot 2021-02-24 150041

The Offspring have announced the release date of their 10th album!

Let The Bad Times Roll will be released on April 16th and includes 12 songs, one of which is called Gone Away. That'll be interesting, A song titled 'Gone Away' was on the Ixnay On The Hombre album, so will it be the same song - different style or a completely different song...oh the questions?!?!

With the announcement of the new album, The Offspring have also released their first single also called Let the Bad Times Roll. Check it out below and feel free to pre- save the entire album here! 

I noticed that they have few shows in Europe set up starting in June with bands such as Billy Talent, Rise Against, System Of A Down and many others...check it out the Offspring tour schedule here. 


Chris Foord


This Is Not Utopia 

Let The Bad Times Roll 

Behind Your Walls 

Army of One 

Breaking These Bones 

Coming For You 

We Never Have Sex Anymore 

In The Hall of the Mountain King 

The Opioid Diaries 

Hassan Chop 

Gone Away 



This is the Gone Away from Ixnay On The Hombre.