LISTEN: Scorpions Release Up Tempo Rocker 'Peacemaker'

sorpionsScreenshot 2021-11-04 175353

Scorpions who were going to retire like 20 years ago just released their first single from their upcoming 19th studio album, Rock Believer.

Check out Peacemaker..... 


"The first thing that came to my mind was the hook line 'Peacemaker, peacemaker / Bury the undertaker.' I was just playing around with those words. At a time when so many people have died and are still dying of COVID, from devastating wars and other senseless crimes, it makes you feel that the undertaker must be working overtime. In a peaceful world after the pandemic, it will be time for the peacemaker to rule... that's an image that really appeals to me." - Klaus Meine via 

Rock Believer will be out Feb 25th, 2022.


Chris Foord