LOOK: The Flaming Lips Play A Live Show...From Inside of Bubbles...For Fans In Bubbles?


How bizarre is this? The Flaming Lips, like many bands, are trying to figure out how to do live music during the coronavirus pandemic. And while many artists are going the route of live streams, these dudes elected for…bubbles?

Their lead singer, Wayne Coyne, elaborated on the concept during a recent interview with The Brooklyn Vegan.

Now you're going to actually do it?

Well, I think so. I mean, we're setting it up as we speak. I mean, we have these hundred that were made for us, but they were made in China, so it took a long time for them to get here and we didn't really know if they were going to arrive. I mean, and there are no shows happening. I mean, these venues that we're setting it up in, I mean, we've played shows there, normal shows there a couple of times. I just sort of feel like, "Well, this is..." I keep thinking we're going to do it, but the vaccine will get here and it'll just go back to normal. But I thought that in June, and it didn't happen. I thought that in August, and it didn't happen. So I don't know. But we're starting to get ready to do an actual show where yeah, there's three people in each of these space bubbles, and we play... We think maybe playing two shows a night, and getting a big audience in there each time.


It sounds insane, but it seems doable. Yeah.

So it'll be stationary bubbles? Not like the ones that you go out into the audience with.

No, it's like those. Yeah. I mean, you fill them up and people can be in them for quite a while. I don't think people quite realize that. Since we have some here, we've played with them and messed with them for quite a while. I mean, even back in 2006, I would get in one of the space bubbles at the end of our big Halloween parade here, and I would walk down the street for almost an hour in one. Yeah. You know what I mean? It holds a lot of air. I mean, you can be in there for quite a while. I just don't think people quite realize what it is as a mechanism. But we've just messed with them for so long, we kind of know that it can all work and how it can work and all that.

Yeah, it's a bizarre situation for sure. I mean, I'm not suggesting the whole world should do it this way. I'm just saying the Flaming Lips can try it this way, and if you like our music, you can come see us. You'll have to be in one of these space bubbles, but maybe that'll be a good thing. Maybe that'll be something different.

It seems like the next logical step for the Flaming Lips in some ways.

Well, I mean, I'm only doing it because I think we can. I wouldn't suggest it to people that don't have as much experience or whatever. But I'm like, "I think we can do it." I don't know if people will like it. I guess that's the other part of it.

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And, when fans weren’t in their respective bubbles, they were asked to mask up and keep their distance.

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Who knows? Maybe this is the future of live music for the next little while.