Musicians Across 5 Continents Play A Canadian Classic

the weight

Music is a powerful thing. 

Playing For Change is nonprofit organization dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world. They do amazing work and this recent video they have released is no different. 

'The Weight' is often hailed as the greatest Canadian song of all time...its always a hit at any campfire. With Robbie Robertson's documentary playing next week at the Calgary International Film Festival, now seems like a good time to share this incredible video production from 'Playing For Change' 

The Robbie Robertson documentary is based on his memoir entitled 'Testimony'. It played at Toronto International Film Festival and is now coming to Calgary International Film Festival. Something to note about the documentary is that it was directed by a young Canadian in his early 20's! That means the director of the Robbie Robertson/The Band documentary wasn't even born when they performed their legendary farewell concert documented in Martin Scorsese's The Last Waltz. SIDENOTE If you haven't seen the Last Waltz, watch it! It is essential viewing for any rock fan...or music fan in general. It's a testament to how good The Band was that they had Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Muddy Waters, and more all come out and play at their farewell show. 

There are other music related films coming to Calgary International Film Festival as well! Mystify is a documentary about the late original singer for the Australian rock band INXS. It documents his life, his time with the band, and his untimely death. 

Another music related documentary coming to CIFF is Other Music. Other Music documents a popular New York record store that was a haven for many musicians, artists, and general music lovers. Sadly the record store had to close its doors a few years ago....