Need A Mouser?! Saving Grace Animal Society Has TONS!


A mouser (typically a feral or semi-feral cat who takes care of the mice and other pests on your property) is the unsung hero of the barn and the shop. Everyone I know who has a mouser or two (or more, depending on the property) tells me they LOVE them and are so grateful for their hard work. So why don’t you go ahead an employ a feline friend on your property!

Saving Grace Animal Society is in Alix, Alberta just Northeast of Red Deer and they do INCREDIBLE work for animals in Alberta. They take in some of the most desperate cases and perform miracles on animals who really deserve a second chance at life. They are currently overrun with feral and semi-feral cats and are looking to place them with people who have properties that need a mouser. These cats require very little but do a LOT of work in exchange – All they need is a sheltered space to live with food and water!


Here's some more info on the cats currently at Saving Grace:



For more information on these kitties, and all of the other animals at Saving Grace, CLICK HERE!