NEW: Splashguards for Hockey Players

splashgauard1 (1)

Bauer are doing all they can to save hockey during this Covid-19 era and will come out with a new splashgaurd for players and 2 facemask designs for Coach's and Fans.

The Concept 3 splashgaurd connects to the Concept 3 facemask adds extra protection from spit aswell while having good ventilation and a high level of vision. 

The new Bauer facemasks will come in two designs, a cloth mask much like you see people wearing now and a pull down mask that can clip onto a ball cap and can be used for many activities not just hockey.

Bauer, Dailyhive

This is some exciting news during this era of covid. Bauer said they will start selling the splashguard in August. 

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Chris Foord