NFL Schedule Is Out!


NFL have released the NFL Schedule! Below is week 1 and the rest of the season you can see here.

Quick Notes:

- 17 game season making it the biggest NFL season ever

- Week 4 Tom Brady returns to Foxboro stadium as the Bucs play the Patriots! 

Thursday, September 9th:

Cowboys vs. Buccaneers (Brady's Buc are Super Bowl Champs)

Sunday, September 12th:

Eagles vs Falcons

Steelers vs Bills

Jets vs Panthers (Rookie QB Zack Wilson is expected to start)

Vikings vs Bengals

49ers vs Lions

Jaguars vs Texans (The debut of 1st overall pick in the draft Trever Lawrence?) 

Seahawks vs Colts

Cardinals vs Titans

Chargers vs Washington

Browns vs Cheifs (This should be a good game!)

Dolphins vs Patriots (This won't be the Pats of 2020 - watch out!)

Packers vs Saints (Will Rodgers be a Packer?)

Broncos vs Giants (Rodgers might be a Bronco!)

Bears vs Rams (Stafford now QB at LA)

Monday, September 12th

Ravens vs Raiders


Chris Foord