Offspring Comes Out With A Christmas Song

offsringScreenshot 2020-11-04 165718

The Offspring decided to give us all good cheer early this year and release a Christmas song. I was like sweet, a revved up Christmas Jam! 

So anyway they covered Darlene Love's - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and it was produced by Bob Rock...This ought to be good!!!!

" We've always been huge fans of Darlene Love, so when the idea came up to do a Christmas song, we jumped at the chance to record that one...and tried not to wreck it!" - Dexter Holland

They didn't wreck it, but it just sounds like anything else you hear at a mall. Check out the bubbly Christmas tune below. It's also available digitally and can be found on a 7" vinyl too - more info here.

For a real punk rock type of Christmas Song scroll down to The Damned's -There's No Sanity Clause. 


Chris Foord 

Now The Damned did great Christms tune!!!! (fan made video but it works)