Perhaps We Need To Give The Dune Remake a chance


The first attempt at the movie Dune was a joke. Director David Lynch won't talk about it but apparently doing Sci-fi was not his jam. The Movie was considered a disinteresting, confusing and a waste of time. It was known as the worst movie of 1984 although it does have cult like status. Read up more here.  (you can check out the entire movie below as well but remember there is Football, Hockey and baseball on)

Skip ahead  to 2020 and this years redo of Dune shows a lot more promise. We can only hope, no pressure Josh Brolin!

French-Canadian Denis Villeneuve is the Director behind the 2020 version will follow along with the first half of the book Dune, written by Frank Herbert making this a remake over a sequeal of the 1984 version however with a completely different view point.  Check out both trailers below or just the new one so you're in no means  left dissapointed.  


Chris Foord