Popcorn Flavoured M & M's


Ofcourse I thought I was the only one who did it but apperanlty many of us do; put M & M's into our popcorn. Hell, it's more important to me than the actual movie when i'm at the theatres. Well M & M's have creeated Popcorn flavoured M & M's.

At first i thought this was brilliant but then I got to thinking, does this mean i don't need the buttery popcorn to go with? NO!

I've put all kinds of M and M's in my popcorn, peanut, peanut butter, crunchie and of ofcourse original and I can promise you that these popcorn flavoured M & M's will also go into my popcorn! I can't wait to try em! *bonus the pocorn flavoured M & M's come with that crunchie centre..

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Chris Foord