Positivity From The Protests Of America!


When I see a cop I’m never scared. If I get pulled over I never worry about a knee from a police officer on my throat until I die. If anything after getting pulled over, all I am worried about is "how am I going to pay this ticket?"". I can’t wait till every ethnicity feels the same way I do. Peaceful protests demanding change - we should be all for it. I want everyone to remember when they turn on their news channels that not all police officers are bad people. There are some amazing cops out there, in America, in Canada and around the world. 

There was a lot of ugly shit that went down over the weekend in America, move that over and take a look at some of the beautiful moments!

A black man defends police!


Police Officers in Michigan lay down their gear and start to walk with protesters!

"He didn’t want that man to be alone up there ... He was just being an ally."

A powerful message from a 31 year old black man to a 46 year old and 16 year old black man about protesting!

This lady — visibly upset — went in for the hug on this Louisville, Kentucky police officer. He accepted.

We need more Police Officers like this, they are out there!

Lets all remember that looters aren't protesters they are criminals. J.R Smith formerly of the Cleveland Cavs watched a protester smash his truck window and then promptly whooped his ass!

J.R Smith talking about the ass whooping!