PS5: Available in Canada on November 12th


Christmas comes early for gamers as the PS5 will be available November 12th in Canada at a price of about $525 cdn.

There will be two console's with the only main difference is that one will have a blue ray player. 

The next-gen console will come with a DualSense controller, an 825GB SSD. a base for the console on,  HDMI cable, power cable, USB cable, and an instruction manual. Also included is the Astro's Playroom, a launch game that is designed to get gamers caught up with all the new DualSense features. For more info and to pre order your PS5 click here.

Microsoft XBOX series S and X will be released on November 10 for a slightly hirgher price. Click here for more info and to pre order your Xbox.

Check out presentations for both consoles below. 

Alright, so Mountain Dews up!!!! and drink!


Chris Foord