Terry Bradshaw Blasts Aaron Rodgers On Wanting To Play Elsewhere


Terry Bradshaw woke up today in a bad mood or so it seems. 

On New York sports station WFAN, Bradshaw joined the Moose Maggie show and he didn't hold back!


"With him being that upset shows me how weak he is" - Terry Bradshaw

If the Packers decide to trade Rodgers, sources say it wouldn't be until June as Green Bay would save $16 million in cap space. 

Denver and Jeopardy are the leading landing spots if Green bay grants his wishes. 

Oh and just before this Aaron Rodgers fiasco went down, NFL 4 time super bowl champ turned NFL of Fox Analyst Terry Bradshaw joined CJAY Mornings Jesse and JD to talk about whiskey and Football, check it out here! 


Chris Foord