The Black Keys & Wayne Newton Perform Lonely Boy


Sometimes it's the unlikely collaborations that turn out to be the best. The Black Keys last week began their 'Let's Rock' Tour marking their return to playing live after a five year break. This video was shot in Las Vegas during their performance at the 'Life is Beautiful' festival. Although you can't really hear Wayne Newton's vocals too well. it is still a very energetic and kinetic performance of the song 'Lonely Boy' (A single off the Black Key's El Camino album). The Let's Rock tour goes to late November and it's in promotion of the new Black Keys album of the same name. Modest Mouse (the band behind the single 'Float On' will be supporting the Black Keys at every show. 

The Black Keys have been making their rounds to promote the album and tour. One of the appearances they made was on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. I learned a few things from this interview- the biggest one being that the Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney is hilarious and a very interesting dude. Below are a few highlights from the interview. Drummer Patrick Carney talks about how he "realized we're all f****d" when he worked at a record store in 1999 and sold very few Modest Mouse albums but TONS of Korn albums. At one point he refers to all the Korn fans coming in to buy a Korn CD as morons...harsh? yes. Hilarious? also yes.Trash talking other artists and bands has been a trademark of the Black Keys and it's nice to know that nothing has changed. Other topics discussed on the podcast were how streaming is changing the music industry, shroom induced panic attacks, general anxiety struggles, what record labels do, and how the Black Keys (Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney) have kept their creative partnership alive. 

And lastly, a mandatory COARSE LANGUAGE warning! I think you can handle it though...