Watch: A Cool Cover Of Devil Inside (INXS)

wednScreenshot 2020-11-02 170419

Back in 1987 and for a brief time I'd say that INXS were the biggest act in the world.. U2 quickly took that over when they released their Joshua Tree album but that's a story for another day. 

In 1987 INXS released the album Kick and it kicked ass with incredible tunes that rocked, popped or in some cased were just beautifully melancholy ballads (Never Tear Us Apart).

The album Kick also featured a song that was very cool... Devil Inside! 

 Skip ahead 33 years later and a band called Wednesday 13 did a solid cover. It's kinda Marilyn Manson meets Rob Zombie-ish and it works! 

For more on the band Wednesday 13 see here and check out their version of Devil Inside above and INXS's orginal below. 


Chris Foord