WATCH: RHCP Announce World Tour via KHOT News!

khotScreenshot 2021-09-24 163705

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Have announced a world tour from the new room of KHOT!

KHOT personalities Johnson Hammerswaddle (Kiedis)Todd The Squirrel (Flea) and Randy Raindrops (Chad Smith) spoke with guitarist John Frusciante who broke the news to the KHOT team.



John Frusciante who is the only one who appeared as himself in the video is back touring with the band for the first time in over a decade. 

“We’re gonna do a tour starting in June 2022” - John Frusciante 

Dates, Venues and all that good stuff will be announced shortly. No word on the release of their new album which they apparenlty have completed. 

Also, the news comes out as the band celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic!


Chris Foord