Watch: Wolfgang Van Halen's new video for his debut song Distance!

Wolfgang Van Halen has just released the first single from his debut album due out next year.

The song Distance is dedicated to his Father Edward Van Halen who passed away October 6.

Wolfgang's Band is called Mammoth WVH in respect to his Dad and Uncle's Band in 1974 before they switched the name to Van Halen.

For the past few years Wolfgang has been working on the album in 5150 Studio's in which he played every instrument and recorded all the vocals.

Eddie Van Halen always bragged his son was more talented than he was and soon the World will hear what Mammoth WVH is all about.

All proceeds from the song will go to benefit the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation which keeps music education going in the school system.

EVH was a big supporter once donating over 100 of his own guitars to the foundation. 

Take a listen and look at the debut single/video for Distance: