When Anthony Bourdain Visited Jollibee's On His Show...Twice


One of the biggest news stories of the week here in Calgary was the grand opening of Jollibee's! Jolibee is a Filipino fast food chain. The main product Jolibee is known for is their fried chicken. The chain has not disclosed the way they marinate the chicken. This is from Wikipedia:  It (the chicken) is cited in 2019 as the bestseller of the fastfood brand in "every market in the world" according to Dennis Flores, the head and President of Jollibee Foods Corporation for EMEAA.

Other menu items include the 'Jolly Spaghetti'. At first glance it looks like a normal spaghetti with red sauce but when you taste it you'll realize how unique it actually is. Anthony Bourdain visted a Jollibee location on two occasions during his culinary culture travel show 'Parts Unknown'. One of these visits was with another celebrity chef Roy Choi. Choi takes the reigns and orders Bourdain an Aloha Burger, a very unique shake, and the Little Big Bite...which is a little SPAM burger...any SPAM fans? 

On another occasion Anthony Bourdain visited a Jollibee location in the heart of Jollibee country...the Phillipines! Here we see an apprehensive Bourdain order food that he's realy not sure about like that sweet tasting spaghetti I mentioned above. He says it the best "That spaghetti's deranged...yet strangely alluring"

For French trained chef with decades of culinary experience I'm surprised he wasn't harsher on this fast food- I guess that's why we loved the guy so much. He could talk about Duck Confit one moment and Jollibee fried chicken the next. What was in the brown the sauce he put on the rice? Heck, what WAS the brown sauce he put on the rice? Don't think so much! Be an adventurous eater. 

What did we learn here?

1) Jollibee's now exists in Calgary.

2) We really miss Anthony Bourdain