Yes, Calgary Has A Pasta Festival. And It Starts...TOMORROW!


I feel like Calgary’s a city that truly values its food. In the eight years I’ve lived here, it’s been cool to see the (constantly growing!) pride that this neck of the woods takes in its culinary game. We also do comfort food very, very well. Probably because we live in a region that’s so godforsaken cold, and thus, we require a bit more comfort.

That brings me perfectly to my next point.

Did you know we have a pasta festival here in town? Me either, until yesterday. Pasta La Feasta! And not only are we coming off of a couple of short blasts of that looming winter, we’re also on the eve of said pasta festival. Ready to be comforted?

Some of the city’s best restaurants are signed up for this bad boy, which starts tomorrow (Oct 11th), and runs until the 25th. Oh, and there’s a charitable angle, too. So, even if you feel a little guilty about how much pasta you smash over the next couple of weeks, know that you’re doing it for a great local cause, The Alex Community Food Centre.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back on the exercise bike, in anticipation of the next two weeks of carbs. Here’s all of the details on Pasta La Feasta: