You Can Gamble On Your Way To Work Now


The Alberta Government has brought gambling to your everyday life. Yes, now you don't have to hit a casino, or a pub; now you can casually do it on your way to work, while you sit on a train or while you lie awake at 3am!

Welcome to your new way of gambling with

AGLC may establish minimum and maximum amounts that may be deposited by a Player to fund a Player Account. The current minimum deposit limit is $5.00 and a Player is not permitted to deposit more than a total of $ 25,000 per day or $100,000 per week. If the Player is increasing the maximum limit the change will not be effective for 24 hours. - 

This is somethig unique to Alberta and is only allowed with in the borders. I didn't see any sports betting yet.


Chirs Foord