WATCH: Dave Grohl Converts Lisa Loeb's 'Stay' Into A Death Metal Treat!

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Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin have converted Lisa Loeb's Stay ( I Miss You) into a much more listenable tune...

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This version starts of quiet but then the death metal kicks in and it gets much better.... 

Welcome back to the menorah, y’all. Let’s kick it this year’s Hanukkah sessions with one of Dallas, Texas’s favorite Jewish daughters. So put on your coffee shop spectacles and your Betsey Johnson dress and HAVA listen to this… "Stay” by Lisa Loeb. - Dave Grohl


The song continues the "Hanukkah Sessions" series from 2020 where Dave Grohl and  covers notable Jewish artists over the Holidays.

..and more Hanukkah Sessions will be coming next week! 


Chris Foord