WATCH: Dave Grohl Is Back BBQing For Los Angeles' Less Fortunate

grohl grillin

Dave Grohl is back at it again, lending his BBQ skills to a very worthy cause - feeding LA's homeless. 



And it happened a few weeks ago, too, according to ABC News

The "Times Like These" singer showed up at Hope the Mission on Feb. 22, a number of his friends and barbecue smokers in tow, to support the mission's shelters.

"He provided the food and the time and got caught cooking over 24 hours in the middle of the storm last week," Grace Ancheta, director of development for Hope the Mission, told ABC News, referring to the multi-day storm system that battered much of Southern California over the weekend with heavy downpours and, in some places, snow.

Ancheta said that Grohl also "stayed to serve his food to all of our participants at the Trebek Center shelter" in the northwest San Fernando Valley.

In fact, this was something Dave was doing before the pandemic.



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His love of BBQ is pretty well documented, and something that came about after he busted his leg a few years ago, according to Bon Appetit:

I broke my leg falling off the stage during a Foo Fighters show four years ago. When I got off tour, I had nothing to do but mess around with a Big Green Egg that our bassist Nate got me. I went on YouTube and watched some guy. The first thing I tried was ribs because that’s what’s on the Chili’s commercials. I got the dry rub, hit them with smoke, and served them to my kids. They loved it. Everyone only got like two ribs so I said, I'm doing this again tomorrow! I was hooked.

Most musicians are obsessive compulsive weirdos, whether it’s the instrument that they play, or an arrangement, or composition. You’re always trying to one up the thing you’ve just done, or perfect it, or get to the place where you’re playing your instrument but you’re not actually thinking about it. It’s kind of the same with food. The parallels are insane.

And it actually goes further back than that. Read all about Dave's penchant for BBQ, in his own words, HERE



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You love to see it, a dude who's rich and successful enough to not have to do something like this, deciding to give back with his time, money, and effort.