WATCH: Extreme Release Two New Rockers!

extremeScreenshot 2023-04-19 200602

Extreme are back!

The Boston rockers who had the mega hit ballad 'More Than Words' in the early 90's have released two rockers from their forthcoming album Six...

"'Banshee' is a seductive, classic hard rock tune with a chugging rhythm section, playful guitar wizardry and electrifying vocals that testify to the power and inspiration of the female form and spirit,'#Rebel' takes on scathing so-called keyboard warriors with its head-nodding beat and searing dive bomb lead guitar runs catering to the harder edges of Extreme's sound. We're calling out those trolls who can't back up their words." - Singer Gary Cherone





Extreme's album Six will be out on June 9th. 


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