WATCH: Post Malone Tells Joe Rogan He's Seen Aliens & UFOs


Boy oh boy, did Post Malone and Joe Rogan get after it the other day. Figuratively, and literally. 

Posty dropped by the JRE for FOUR HOURS, which is a helluva podcast, even by Joe's occasionally long-winded standards. They started by noting a couple of things that may've led to the podcast's length...and subject matter. Post said he hadn't slept at all, the two of them cheers over Bud Lights, and Joe quickly menttioned that they were on mushrooms, too. 


If you don't have 240ish minutes to spare, here's one of the biggest takeaways. Post said he's absolutely seen aliens, and UFOs, too. 

They also went back and forth about one of the biggest issues in the world right now, COVID-19 masks. 

Anyway this whole episode was pretty fun. If you can spare nearly 240 minutes, its right here. 

All in all, a huge week for Post Malone, who's also been busy trademarking, "World Pong League", presumably to start up a professional beer pong league. Amazing. 

Before anybody gives me any shit about a Post Malone blog on a rock radio station's website, let me just remind you that he absolutely slayed a Nirvana tribute set with Travis Barker a couple of months back.