WATCH: This Doctor Isn't So Sure Conor McGregor Had Stress Fractures In His Leg Before UFC 264


We’ve learned a lot about Conor McGregor in the wake of UFC 264 a couple of weekends ago, and not much of it is flattering. First, there was the footage that surfaced of McGregor threatening Dustin Poirier and his wife after the fight, and some ugly (hastily deleted) tweets a few days after.

And now, one of the reasons he provided for his loss/injury appears to be in question.

In case you missed it, Conor took to Instagram and cited pre-existing “stress fractures” being a major factor that led to the doctor’s stoppage.

And shortly thereafter, posted a few photos, including one from a doctor’s appointment.



An orthopaedic surgeon & MMA doctor named David Abassi got to zooming on that photo.

He also provided a bit more clarity in a YouTube video.

And he’s not the only physician who’s come to this conclusion.

For his part, McGregor doesn’t seem to be too bothered.