WATCH: Worst Ref...Ever? MMA Official Lets A Fighter Get Choked Out, Who Wakes Up And Taps Again!


As a general rule, I try not to criticize referees in any sport. You shouldn't talk shit on a job that you can't do, in my opinion. And you have to allow for human error, some sports fans dont, or won't do, a lot of the time. 

All of that to say, this referee is trash, this was incredibly dangerous, and hopefully he never gets anywhere near an MMA fight again.



Probably goes without saying, but this is unbelievably dangerous. For the part, the promotion, Fury FC, released a statement

Officials from the Fury Fighting Championship released a statement hours the morning after the incident, criticising the referee for failing to protect the fighter.

“It is the referee’s job to protect the fighter when the fighter cannot protect him or herself,” the statement read.

“In last night’s main event, the referee failed to do this.

“While the job of a referee is one of the hardest to do in this sport, the need for proper and continued training would help to alleviate things like this incident.

“We do not hire, train, or select refs for our shows, but we would be more than willing to lead a revamp and overhaul of the reffing and judging selection and training process.”


I was gonna say something about hoping this Frank Collazo won't end up anywhere near this sport ever again...but he was actually judging a major UFC fight the following night.