Jonathan "Bear" Yeung has reached his goal of being able to replace a family’s car following a major crash on the Sea to Sky Highway last month.

The 10-year-old from West Vancouver first heard about the crash while driving with his dad. He didn’t know the family involved, but wanted to do something when he heard two children were hurt.

“They were 10 and 5, so one my age. That was very hard for me to hear,” Yeung said.

In a statement, Squamish RCMP said two vehicles, a black Range Rover and a silver Lamborghini, were travelling northbound on the highway on Sept. 5.

“They were involved in an incident which caused the silver Lamborghini to lose control and hit the median, cross over in oncoming traffic, and hit a Toyota crossover coming southbound,” the statement reads.

Six people were taken to hospital, including two children.

At the time, the crash raised questions about the behaviour of luxury car drivers on the Sea to Sky, given the Lamborghini’s connection to a rally.

"I can confirm the silver Lamborghini travelling north was part of the Diamond Hublot Rally, but at this stage were are determining the exact cause of what made it cross into oncoming traffic" said Sgt. Sascha Banks in the RCMP statement.

The investigation is still ongoing and both the Lamborghini and Range Rover drivers are being investigated for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Bear Yeung’s father Kevin is part of the Porsche Club of America, and father and son often drive together on the Sea to Sky Highway. Bear has inherited his father’s love of cars, and after the crash, he wanted to raise awareness about dangerous driving.

“I want to stop all violent driving, driving around dangerously. I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” he said.

He managed to raise about $20,000 through a GoFundMe page and other donations, enough to buy a Volkswagen for the family. So far, he’s only spoken to them over FaceTime, but on Friday, he’ll be there at the dealership when they pick up the keys.

“That feels good that I’ve done something,” he said Sunday.