12 per cent of eligible Ottawa residents have first dose of vaccine, new OPH site says

People arrive for their vaccine appointment time at a COVID-19 clinic in Ottawa on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. (Sean Kilpatrick/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

How many people in Ottawa have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine? How many have received two? How old are they?

All of those questions can be answered on a new website launched Wednesday by Ottawa Public Health.

Similar to its COVID-19 dashboard, the COVID-19 vaccination dashboard is filled with statistics about Ottawa's local vaccination rollout.

Previously, OPH listed its number of doses administered and its number of doses received on its main COVID-19 page, but the new dashboard breaks the vaccination rollout into even more granular figures.

It shows that Ottawa has received 172,410 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to date, split up between Pfizer and Moderna, and it shows when those shipments arrived. A new shipment of 36,270 Pfizer doses arrived on Monday.

OPH is now publishing the number of people who have received their first dose and the number of people who have received their second dose. Previously, the only figure it was reporting was total number of doses administered. 

105,345 residents of Ottawa have had one dose of the vaccine, while 24,968 have had two. The dashboard also shows that just under 10,000 doses have been given to people who are not residents of Ottawa, and that more than 4,000 residents of Ottawa have so far received AstraZeneca doses outside of the city.

The age breakdown shows that more than 84 per cent of Ottawa residents 90 and older have had at least one dose, while 76.5 per cent of residents 80 to 89 have had at least one dose.

To date, 12 per cent of the city's population that is eligible for vaccines has had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and three per cent has had two doses.

The dashboard can be found at http://ottawapublichealth.ca/vaccinedashboard. It is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.