164 Calgary schools report COVID-19 cases, 3 with outbreaks

Hundreds of Calgary schools are currently under alert due to multiple confirmed COVID-19 cases while three have reached outbreak status. 

Alberta's UCP government began listing schools with two or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 online on Wednesday. 

As of Thursday morning, the government's 12-page list includes 131 schools in Calgary which it indicates have two to four cases, 30 which have five to nine cases and three that have 10 or more.

Schools with at least two positive COVID-19 cases are placed under an alert. 

Once the number of cases climbs to 10, the school is then placed under an outbreak status. 

The schools in Calgary that, as of Thursday morning, were listed as having outbreaks were Buffalo Rubbing Stone School, Canyon Meadows School and St. Hubert Elementary School.

Outbreaks are considered over once there have been no new confirmed cases in a school for 28 days.

Starting Oct. 12, parents will be informed if the child may have been exposed to a COVID-19 case while at school.