17 Winnipeg properties advised to build dikes by Friday: city

The city has identified 27 private properties at risk of river flooding based on the latest provincial forecast and data.

According to a City of Winnipeg news release, water levels within Winnipeg are expected to range between 19 and 20.4 feet at James Avenue between May 5 and 14.

As of Tuesday morning, the river level at the James Avenue gauge was 18.16 feet.

It said the Red River peak is anticipated to arrive at the floodway inlet between May 11 and 14.

The province is operating both the Red River Floodway and the Portage Diversion to manage water levels within the city, which are expected to remain high for a few weeks.

The province said of the 27 properties at-risk of river flood, 17 are being advised to build their dikes by Friday.

Of these properties, 13 were previously identified as being at-risk in March.

Ten others, all newly identified, are being advised to be prepared to build a dike as needed.

Meanwhile, three properties along the Assiniboine River identified in March are no longer considered at-risk.

The city is hand-delivering notices to the affected property owners and will survey properties to find locations for potential dikes.

Property owners required to build a dike will be given further instructions.

If a property owner has not heard from the city and believes their property is at risk of flooding, they can contact 311.