$2/L on the horizon as gas prices jump in London, Ont.

It is another day of sticker shock at gas pumps.

A new record price of $1.93.9 per litre is posted at many service stations. Diesel fuel sits even higher at over $2.25 per litre.

Flooring and carpeting business owner Shawn Johnson looks at the gas price and admits it "hurts quite a bit.”

He has five large vehicles in his fleet. On Friday, his full-size cube van cost over $181 to fill. He says that is double what he paid a year ago.

As a business owner, it is an expense he either eats or passes on. “It’s going to have to soon come from somewhere,” he said.

Also feeling the pain at the pumps is Krista Ford. “I don’t live in town, so this hits me even harder,” she said.

Ford doubts politicians can fix the factors spiking prices, including the war in Ukraine and inflation.

“With the rising costs of everything I think it’s just another cost we have to get used to," she added.

And given prices are higher in Vancouver ($2.16.9) and comparable in Atlantic Canada, fuel price expert Dan McTeague can offer little hope for Southern Ontario drivers.

“We’re looking at $2 a litre, in that range, some time in and around the May 24 weekend.”

Those predictions leave Ford suggesting the only option left is a smaller car.

But getting into a smaller vehicle or any new car is a challenge, as supplies are limited.

Electric vehicle supply is also tight.

Yet, CTV News London met electric vehicle driver Jarnail Singh. He ordered his electric car in January and picked it up in March.

“My God, it was the best decision I made," he exclaims.

Singh says his fully optioned Tesla cost him just over $100,000, about the same as a gas model luxury car he had also considered.

A frequent commuter to Brampton, Singh says his return trip to London costs about $30 in the Tesla versus $100 in his other gasoline car.

Back at the gas pumps, Johnson is wondering if the price here will one day soon match the price at charging stations. Especially, he says, as more people opt for electric vehicles.

“I’m sure the hydro prices are going up soon,” he conclude with a shrug.