Casey James, Teeswater

Temperatures Wednesday soared into the upper-teens if not low-20s in southwestern Ontario, and this gorgeous fall weather is here to stay until mid-next week.

The temperature at the Region of Waterloo International Airport climbed to 17.6 degrees Celsius Wednesday. Meanwhile, Collingwood was the hot spot across the country at one point, with a temperature of 22.1 C!

Although Thursday was mainly cloudy, the temperature was still mild. The temperature at the airport rose to 17.8 C mid-afternoon. Guelph climbed to 17.5 C and the temperature at the Brantford Municipal Airport hit 18.2 C.

Temperatures could reach 20 C in the next couple of days in Waterloo Region. The last time we saw a 20-degree day recorded in the month of November was 2016. On Nov. 1, 2016 the temperature was 20.8 C. Meanwhile, over two weeks later, we reached 19.5 C, on Nov. 18, 2016.

We are on course to come close if not break daily temperature records Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday.

The record to break on Nov. 6 is 18.9 C set back in 1975. On Nov. 7 the daily record stands at 19.4 C, also set in 1975. And, on Nov. 9 the record set back in 1945 was 20.0 C.

Temperatures will come close with the forecast projecting the upper-teens right through until early next week.

Here is the seven-day forecast.