Twenty people chained themselves to Canada Place to protest for animal rights.

EDMONTON -- Twenty advocates are chained to Canada Place as part of a worldwide animal rights protest.

"Activists are chained to buildings demanding change," said Trev Miller, who organized Edmonton's protest. "It's time we stopped defining animals by their usefulness to us and offer them protections given to children, adults, and all here with us."

In a release, the activists highlighted five animal rights they want the Canadian constitution to recognize: freedom, fair representation under protection laws, protection in their own habitat, the ability to be rescued from distressful situations and the right not to be exploited by humans.

"We want federal laws that protect animals from abuse, neglect, cruelty and just the right to a life," said Tove Reece, a spokesperson for Direct Action Everywhere (DxE).

Similar protests are being held in the United States, Australia and Germany.