2019 brought out the best in people when disasters struck in the North Bay area.

In early May, the town of Mattawa declared a state of emergency because of flooding.

"Got about an hour of sleep! Haha! I got to do what I got to do to keep the water out of my basement," commented Robbie Jones, a resident who was impacted by the flood.

Help came quick as volunteers filled and stacked sandbags to try to keep the water at bay.

"We're new here. We've only moved here about a year ago and I'm just amazed to see all of the support. Everyone coming out here is great," said Jennifer Innes, a volunteer from Mattawa.

The high water levels finally receded and meetings were scheduled with the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Ontario Power Generation and Ottawa River Regulation Board.

Officials pointed at high snow levels and a late spring which resulted in a fast melt.

On the western side of the Nipissing District, flooding in Jocko Point also caused major problems in May.

High waves from the lake splashed onto yards in the Nipissing First Nation affecting 150 families.

"We have no heat, we have no washroom. We've lost a ton of our shoreline. It's going to be a huge mess to clean up," said Laurie Martel, flooding victim.

Floods in the area didn't steal all the headlines. They were shared by a couple of fires, one downtown earlier this month and another in March.

In March, city crews and an off-duty paramedic saw smoke from a blaze and saved an elderly woman's life.

"It was totally engulfed in flames. We pulled over real quick and grabbed the fire extinguisher to try to extinguish some of the fire," commented Steve Joyes, resident who helped with the rescue.

"This was not a one-person job. This was a community coming together as a team… and when we put that all together, we can have positive outcomes like this," added Franco Tignanelli, Paramedic.

Area communities may very well be hoping for a less eventful 2020.