The man reportedly damaged a door on the plane before police could arrive and take him into custody. (File photo)

The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has added three more flights that recently landed in Victoria to its list of potential COVID-19 exposure sites.

All three flights arrived in Victoria from Calgary since the start of the New Year. Passengers aboard each flight are asked to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, particularly if they were in specific rows listed below.

The first flight, WestJet 3235, landed in Victoria from Calgary on Jan. 2. Passengers in rows 16 to 19 are at an added risk of potential exposure, according to the BCCDC.

The second flight, WestJet 449, arrived in Victoria on Jan. 3 and particularly impacts passengers seated in rows 16 to 22.

The third flight, Delta 6329/WestJet 227, landed in Victoria on Jan. 3. Passengers seated in rows 10 to 16 are being asked to monitor for symptoms of the virus.

Anyone who was aboard any of the three flights who develops symptoms of COVID-19 should call 811 to determine if a COVID-19 test is required.

Across the province, 40 flights were added to the BCCDC’s exposure list over the past week.

The latest information on B.C. flight exposures can be found on the BCCDC website here.