She's a mother, a nurse and she loves to volunteer, but now Debbie Rodger can add being Regina’s 2020 Citizen of the Year to the list.

"I feel very humbled because there's lots of wonderful citizens in Regina and you know not all of us have the opportunity to do big things, sometimes it’s just the little things that make a difference for your neighbour." Rodger said.

She was a nurse for almost 44 years and retired last December, but when COVID-19 hit Regina she was asked to come back.

"I certainly took that opportunity there wasn't really anything else going on socially and I couldn't volunteer out in the community, so I thought going back to work and helping them out was a great option."

Rodger’s once again working full time and is responsible for contact tracing and giving people negative diagnoses.

Along with working to help fight the pandemic, Rodgers has always had a love for helping others. It's something she's grown up doing and hopes to inspire others to continue.

"I love to volunteer and I always have ever since I was probably in my teens I started doing volunteer work. It was part of my family’s culture and I tried to raise my family like that too," she said.

While volunteering has been a part of Rodgers life for many years the pandemic has forced her to hit pause. She's hoping once cases slow down and things are able to get back to normal, more people will take the opportunity to give back.

“Volunteering is a wonderful thing it's the people you meet, it's the smile you put on other people's faces and it affords you with a good opportunity.”

This is the 18th year CTV Regina has recognized a local for their accomplishments.