Federal party leaders are hoping last night’s debate not only fired up their supporters, but also helped them win over crucial swing voters. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Debate 2019: The six main federal party leaders squared off for the first time during this campaign at the official English-language leaders' debate, and the event was a mix of personal attacks and policy deliberation.

2. Verbal hits: The leaders' debate was a chance to convey their plans to Canadians, win over new votes, and, of course, throw in a zinger towards an opponent. CTVNews.ca roundups some of the most noteworthy digs.

3. Troop withdrawal: U.S. President Donald Trump is defending his decision to abruptly pull American troops out of Syria ahead of an expected Turkish attack on Kurdish fighters, even as critics say the move will sacrifice an ally.

4. Climate strikes: Climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion has been shutting down roads and bridges around the world in protest for climate justice. Here's a look at the group and what they hope to accomplish.

5. Homeless health: A new study has found that adults struggling with both mental illness and homelessness have more stability if provided with housing and assistance before they seek treatment for mental illness.

One more thing…

Plastic waste: A design firm is hoping to spark a discussion into how much plastic waste is produced during in-flight meals by creating a model for an all-in-one, eco-friendly meal tray.