$500K in grants available for harm reduction programs in Regina


The City of Regina is accepting applications for $500,000 in grants to be distributed between harm reduction programs and services.

The funds come as the result of a City budget amendment that allowed for a one-time withdrawal from the COVID-19 Recovery Reserve.

“The primary objective of this initiative is to increase access to support services and reduce harm associated with drug use in Regina,” the City of Regina said in a news release. “Harm reduction is an approach taken in many cities that focuses on the prevention of harm in people who continue to use drugs, rather than on the prevention of drug use itself.”

Registered non-profits with a mandate that aligns with one or more of the four priorities outlined by the City are eligible. The four priorities are:

  • Overdose prevention
  • Safe and accessible spaces
  • Safe and inclusive communities
  • Strengthened support and connections

Harm reduction programs and services went unmentioned in Saskatchewan’s 2021-22 budget, after a program in Saskatoon requested funding support from the province.

The application deadline is July 30 and funds will be distributed in September.