6 pets including four dogs and 2 parrots died in a house fire Sunday in Saskatoon's Mayfair neighbourhood. Photo by Saskatoon Fire Department

Six pets including four dogs died in a house fire in Mayfair Sunday morning, according to the Saskatoon Fire Department.

At around 4:35 a.m.,a homeowner in the 1200 block of Avenue D North reported a fire, saying there were several pets inside the home, according to a news release. The fire department advised the individuals not to re-enter the home.

Upon arrival firefighters reported flames through the front window of the house and the fire was brought under control, the fire department said. One crew tackled the fire from the front window while another crew searched the home for the pets.

An investigation into the cause of fire continues, but damage is estimated at $100,000. Four dogs and two parrots did not survive the fire, the fire department said.