Like so many other people around the world, a six year old Ottawa hockey player is paying tribute to the late Kobe Bryant.

Reid Tutton is a huge Toronto Raptors fan, and was heartbroken to hear about Bryant’s death.

With the help of his father, he changed his number 24 Timbits hockey jersey, the same number as Bryant’s, to Los Angeles Lakers colours over the weekend, after a quick trip to the craft store.

It seems Reid was inspired Bryant's incredible career, scoring several goals in his Timbits game Sunday. 

This 6-year-old boy from Ottawa (Canada) is honouring Kobe Bryant by painting the number on his hockey jersey, the same number as Kobe, 24, purple and yellow. He scored 7 goals that game.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. #kobe @Lakers @ctvottawa pic.twitter.com/lEong8yiMA

— Christina Succi (@CTVChristina) February 3, 2020

‘An early morning trip to the craft store and the numbers were quickly painted and Reid could not wait to get his jersey on.’

Reid’s dad Jamie says he couldn’t be more proud of his son, who painted his number 24 purple and yellow as a tribute to Kobe Bryant @Lakers @ctvottawa pic.twitter.com/03zPHY76me

— Christina Succi (@CTVChristina) February 3, 2020