9-year-old Edmonton boy attacked by unleashed dog at Rundle Park: father

A nine-year-old Edmonton boy was taken to hospital after he was attacked by an unleashed dog on Sunday night, according to his father. (Jay Rosove/CTV News Edmonton)

An Edmonton father is hoping a recent dog attack suffered by his nine-year-old son will serve as a cautionary tale for dog owners in the city.

Afzal Chowdhury says his two sons were playing in the sand near Rundle Park's Family Centre on Sunday evening when a large mixed-breed dog ran up and bit his older son several times.

Chowdhury says the dog stopped attacking his son on its own, but not before leaving the boy with some deep wounds.

"The dog bit him on his stomach," Chowdhury told CTV News Edmonton. "There are two big bites, and also he bit him on the back."

"It hurt a lot," said Chowdhury's son, Areeb Islam.

According to Chowdhury, the dog was not being kept on a leash.

The nine-year-old was taken to the Stollery Children's Hospital by ambulance where he received three stitches below his belly button. Chowdhury says doctors also gave his son antibiotics. 

Chowdhury tells CTV News Edmonton Animal Care and Control says the dog owner has been fined, and as a precaution, the dog will be quarantined for 10 days in order to observe its behaviour.

"We don't know about the dog," said Chowdhury. "If the dog is vaccinated, or if it has any history of any such attack… I would like to know more about that."

The father of two says he hopes dog owners take note of the incident and use it as a reminder to behave responsibly when out in public with a dog.

"If it is not an area where they can just unleash the dog," said Chowdhury, "they should keep it with them, leashed."