A few lineups, and some difficulty accessing records on Day 2 of N.S. passport requirement

A few cracks are showing on Day 2 of Nova Scotia's new proof of vaccination requirement.

Some restaurants are reporting short lineups while documents are checked and some people who say they're having trouble accessing their records.

Even so, it seems most Canadians support so-called vaccine passports.

Visiting Halifax from Moncton, displaying vaccination proof prior to getting a late lunch is no big deal for Rob and Tonya Taylor: it's been the policy in New Brunswick for two weeks.

"For me particularly, it doesn't bother me.  I don't see any issue with it," Rob says.

Pub manager Gerry Duffy says people should expect a little wait.

"You might get a little bit lined up at the door, just from checking the passports and then checking the IDs, but everyone was fine," Duffy says.

A different approach less than a block away, where the owner of a popular cafe moved to take-out only when the passport requirement took effect.

Customer's health records aren't his business, says Tarek Kostek, and policing the policy shouldn't be his problem.

"And now we have to hire somebody to stand in the door, pay him two or three hundred dollars to ask for your ID?" Kostek says. "We can't afford that."

Increasingly, though, support for vax-passes appears to be growing.

A National survey from Halifax based Narrative Research found 85 per cent want to see them mandatory for air-travel, and 78 per cent for live sports or shows.

About three-quarters think passes should be required to get into a gym, and 67 per cent want them in restaurants.

But all of that assumes you can easily get one.

Visually impaired and mobility challenged, 68-year-old Wayne MacNaughton wound up asking Twitter for advice because the government recommendations simply won't work for him.

"Well, that's great if you have a computer printer or an IPhone, but a lot of people don't," MacNaughton said.  "And, certainly, a lot of the people that I know don't."

Buried in online responses, he wound-up getting a phone number, but says he'll wait a few days before trying to get through.

Vaccine records still aren't required for a host of other services and activities, including retail, banking and church, but masks often are.

The system is generally working pretty well. At least two patrons were quietly turned away at the Lions Head Tavern in Halifax on Tuesday.

They were apologetic for not having their documents with them, but, as Duffy says, everyone seems to understand now there are consequences for not carrying those passports.