Members of the media were invited inside classrooms ahead of schools re-opening on Sept. 8.

Here’s a look inside St. Nicholas Catholic School and Sylvia Fedoruk School.

Before entering the school, people are urged to screen themselves for COVID-19 symptoms Upon entry, visitors, parents and substitute teachers must scan a QR code which links to an online questionnaire. The questionnaire asks for the visitor’s name and phone number — for contact-tracing purposes.

A self-isolation room is near the schools’ entrances. It’s used for students who may be showing COVID-19 symptoms, to await pick-up.

Arrow decals have been placed on the school’s floors, to avoid crowding in hallways. Sanitization stations are set up in hallways and inside classrooms.

Group spaces and water fountains have been blocked off. In an effort to reduce the amount of touch-points, some couches and furniture will not be used.

In this classroom, tape is used on desks to remind students to keep their space. In higher grades, desks are further spread out.

Students’ supplies are not shared at St. Nicholas Catholic School and Sylvia Fedoruk School.

Students at Sylvia Fedoruk School must line up in front of flags or “muster points” and students will be let in gradually, to avoid crowding.

In the schools’ gyms, students will be designated a number and exercise within their numbered space. Sanitization bottles are also numbered and will be used to clean equipment.